Summer Fun at Binbrook


About Binbrook

Binbrook is home to the Lake Niapenco reservoir, the largest inland lake in the Niagara Watershed. Well known as a “hot spot” for fishing, Binbrook Conservation Area also plays host to annual fishing derbies. Other facilities that can be found at Binbrook include a swimming beach, children’s splash pad, picnic facilities, nature trails, observation platforms and a play area. It resembles cottage country, and the impressive part is, it’s close to home!

Bring or rent a rowboat, paddle boat or canoe, and experience scenic Binbrook from the water. Canoe along the tranquil shores of one of the few inland lakes located within the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s watershed.

Special Event Closures: Please be advised that Binbrook Conservation Area will be closed to the general public, including annual season pass holders, on June 2 & 3, and September 15 & 16. 

Binbrook is known as a great spot for 'catch & relese' summer fishing, waterfowl hunting, ice fishing and spring fishing derbies, and so much more!

In the summer, Binbrook offers three unique, fun, exhilarating, and challenging activities for everyone to enjoy! 

Boarder Pass Wakeboarding

We are proud to introduce our new Boarder Pass Wakeboarding attraction to our Binbrook Conservation Area. Boarder Pass Canada is a two-tower cable wakeboarding system that provides you with the ultimate wakeboarding experience. There is fun for everyone from the young to the young at heart for both beginners to experienced levels. Don’t miss out! Be a part of the excitement and get out and enjoy this fun and unique aqua attraction! For more information, please visit Boarder Pass Canada website at or call Binbrook Conservation Area at 905-692-3228 for more details.

Burlington Beach Rentals

Burlington Beach Rentals at Binbrook Conservation areas offers visitors with more options to get active in watersports. Based on availability, Burlington Beach Rentals will be offering stand-up paddle boarding, kayaks, canoes, kayak turbo tubes, custom beach spots, yoga, and much more. For details on what Burling Beach Rentals has to offer, visit their website

FunSplash Sports Park- New to 2018! 

Binbrook Conservation Area is excited to welcome FunSplash Sports Park this summer! The FunSplash offers a new experience and a new challenge, for guests over 6 years of age. It is an opportuniuty to physically and mentally challenge yourself in a friendly and safe outdoor environment. The FunSplash encourages teamwork and problem solving while promoting overall health and wellness! It's the ultimate playground!

FunSplash SPorts Park will be open to the public as of Saturday, June 16, 2018. Come splash, climb, jump, swing, bounce, crawl, hang, slide, and fall with us! To purchase your pass, visit the kiosk on site! 

2 hour Splash Pass – $18
Full Day Splash Pass – $25
Evening Splash Pass (5:30-8pm) – $15

3 Day Splash Pass – $65
5 Day Splash Pass – $100

Call Binbrook Conservation Area today for more information, or visit each individual site to find out more!

  • Fun Splash Park

    Fun Splash Park

  • Floating Water Park

    Floating Water Park

  • Ice Tower- Fun Splash

    Ice Tower- Fun Splash

  • Floating Water Park 2

    Floating Water Park 2

  • Balance Beam

    Balance Beam

  • Boarder Pass

    Boarder Pass

  • Wakeboarding


  • Boarder Pass Wakeboarding

    Boarder Pass Wakeboarding

  • Wakeboarding Fun

    Wakeboarding Fun

Swimming open

Beach is currently open