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Cost-Sharing Program Applications
Water Quality Improvement Program Application for Habitat Restoration Projects
Water Quality Improvement Program Application for Non-Point Source Projects
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Detailed Project Descriptions
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Wetland Brochure
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Through the ongoing support of our project partners, the NPCA delivers a comprehensive cost-sharing program that offers local landowners financial incentives to implement water quality and habitat improvement projects on their properties. In addition to providing financial assistance to landowners, NPCA staff will conduct one-on-one site visits providing technical advice about environmental concerns and assisting landowners with hands-on water quality and habitat improvement projects.

Eligible Project Types

  • Wetland Habitat Restoration
  • Manure Storing & Handling/Nutrient Management
  • Nutrient Management – Waste Water Reduction
  • Livestock Restriction, Alternate Watering Systems & Crossings
  • Conservation Farm Practices
  • Irrigation/Water Conservation Practices
  • Shelterbelt/Windbreaks
  • Woodland Habitat Restoration
  • Riparian Habitat and Connective Corridors

Note that the criteria for eligibility are guidelines only, other projects will be considered for funding if they demonstrate an improvement to water quality/quantity and habitat quality. For detailed information, check out the Restoration Cost Sharing Program Detailed Project Descriptions.