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Full Consensus on a Transparent, Third-Party Search Process

WEST LINCOLN, Ont. (February 1, 2019) – This past Wednesday, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA)’s CAO Selection Committee met for the first time since being struck.

Member Bill Steele was elected Chair, and Member Brenda Johnson was elected Vice-Chair of the Committee. Board Chair Bylsma, Board Vice-Chair Huson, Member Chioccio, and Member Insinna also belong to the Committee.

“I am happy to say that it was a very productive first meeting,” said Committee Chair Bill Steele. “We are aligned in our goal to ensure a fair, transparent, fulsome, third-party recruiting process so that we hire the best, most qualified candidate to step into this important role. Committee Members came prepared, so we were able to expedite the process and the RFP will be posted by Friday, February 1st.”

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the procurement process for the recruitment firm that the Committee will ultimately recommend to the Full Board as the agency of choice to move the search forward.

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