• Regional Councillor, Robert Foster - (Ex Officio)
  • Councillor, John Metcalfe - (Ex Officio)
  • Mr. Malcolm Woodhouse
  • Councillor, Brenda Johnson
  • Mr. Bruce Mackenzie
  • Mr. John Ingrao
  • Mr. Rick Brady
  • Mr. Ed Smith
  • Councillor, Brad Clark
  • Mr. Ken Kawall


  • Regional Councillor, Robert Foster
  • Councillor, John Metcalfe
  • Mr. Bruce Mackenzie
  • Councillor, Brenda Johnson
  • Port Colborne Mayor, Bill Steele
  • Councillor, Brad Clark
  • Mr. Brian Wright
  • Regional Councillor, Diana Huson
  • Councillor, Donna Cridland
  • Mr. Jack Hellinga
  • Mr. John Ingrao
  • Mr. Ken Kawall
  • Ms. Leah Feor
  • Mr. Malcolm Woodhouse
  • Mr. Rick Brady
  • Councillor, Rob Shirton
  • Mr. Stewart Beattie
  • Mr. William Rapley


  • Regional Councillor, Robert Foster - (Ex Officio)
  • Councillor, John Metcalfe - (Ex Officio)
  • Mr. Rick Brady
  • Councillor, Brenda Johnson
  • Mr. Malcolm Woodhouse
  • Mr. Stewart Beattie
  • Mr. Bruce Mackenzie

Watershed Floodplain Sub-Committee

  • Vacant - Chair
  • Erika Furney - PAC member
  • Harry Korosis - PAC member
  • Joseph Schonberger - PAC member
  • Donna Speranzini - PAC member
  • Jack Hellinga - NPCA Board
  • Brenda Johnson - NPCA Board
  • Bruce Mackenzie - NPCA Board
  • Malcom Woodhouse - NPCA Board
  • Regional Councillor, Robert Foster - (NPCA Board, Ex-officio)
  • Councillor, John Metcalfe - (NPCA Board, Ex-officio)

NPCA Advisory Committee

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) is governed by a Board of Directors appointed from participating municipalities (Region of Niagara, City of Hamilton and Haldimand County).

As stated in the NPCA 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, within the parameter of “Transparent Governance & Enhanced Accountability,” the NPCA will “Expand public participation to support NPCA governance via the establishment of an Advisory Committee (conservation, agriculture, landowners, development, industry, volunteer sectors).

The mandate of the Advisory Committee is “To provide collaborative local perspective, guidance and expert advice in the implementation of NPCA’s policies, plans and/or other issues as the Board may request.”

Members will serve in a non-governance capacity with a focus on providing advice and recommendations for consideration by the NPCA Board.

2022 Meetings:

Public Advisory Committee (5:00 p.m.):                                                     

  • Thursday, February 24 : AGENDA PACKAGE (please note due to technical difficulties the meeting was not recorded)
  • Thursday, June 2: AGENDA PACKAGE
  • Thursday, September 29
  • Thursday, December 1

Past Agendas and Minutes:

Current Positions:

  • Environmental: Vacant
  • Agricultural North: Michael Kauzlaric
  • Agricultural South: Joseph Schonberger
  • Chamber of Commerce/Tourism: Harry Korosis
  • Development: Jonathan Musso
  • First Nations: Cindilee Ecker-Flagg
  • Métis: Kelsey Huxley
  • Property owners/Public-at-large: Erika Furney
  • Public-at-large: Natalie Seniuk
  • Public-at-large : Donna Speranzini
  • Urban/rural planning: John Ariens
  • User/volunteer: Dion Kelly
  • NPCA Board: Councillor, John Metcalfe (Ex officio)
  • NPCA Board: Regional Councillor, Robert Foster (Ex officio)

For more information, please read the Public Advisory Committee terms of reference. 
If you wish to reach out to the Public Advisory Committee,  please email

If you are interested in filling any of the current vacancies or for inquiries regarding the Public Advisory Committee,  please contact Kerry Royer, Coordinator, Community Outreach and Volunteers, 905-788-3135 x. 234,