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The NPCA Groundwater Study and the NPCA Source Water Protection watershed characterization studies state that abandoned water wells are potential contamination sources requiring immediate attention. Abandoned or unused water wells represent a direct threat to groundwater supplies as contaminants applied to the surface may easily flow through these open conduits and reach the water table. While the exact number is currently not known, abandoned water wells in the NPCA watershed number at least in the hundreds. It is recognized that the decommissioning or “plugging and sealing” of abandoned water wells is a legal requirement of the property owner according to provincial regulation; however, decommissioning costs can be prohibitive.

 The NPCA is pleased to offer a grant program to watershed residents for the plugging and sealing of abandoned or unused water wells. The NPCA Water Well Decommissioning Program provides an 80% grant rate to a maximum amount of $1,000 per well, with a maximum of two wells per property. Watershed residents interested in this grant program must first complete a Grant Application Form and be pre-approved by the NPCA before initiating their project. Projects already underway or completed without NPCA approval are not eligible for grant funding. Applications received by the NPCA will be assessed individually on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please read the Terms & Conditions for Funding Assistance and Project Eligibility Criteria before filling out the application. For an interactive map of Water Well Decommissioning Grant Programs available throughout Southern Ontario, click here.  

Do you have an abandoned Oil or Gas well on your property?

An abandoned oil and gas well on your property is a hazard to the environment and your health and safety. Such wells are also significant obstacles to new development and can be a financial liability to the landowner. Identifying and reporting abandoned oil and gas wells and properly plugging them is important. The Abandoned Works Program was established in 2005 to plug abandoned oil and natural gas wells to protect public health and safety and source water resources. Any oil or gas well drilled on land before 1963 that has not been used by the landowner and no responsible party for the well other than the landowner can be found qualifies for funding through the Abandoned Works Program. All costs are paid by the Ministry of Natural Resources provided that you grant written permission for the contractor to enter your property to do the work. If access to the land is denied the Ministry may order the landowner to plug the well and the owner pays for the plugging. For more information, visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Abandoned Works Program page. To report a leaking or abandoned well, contact the Petroleum Resources Centre at 519-873-4786.