Our Watershed

Boy fishing in lake


Take the bait

A tradition as old as time itself, fishing at our parks provides the perfect atmosphere as you channel your inner hunter-gatherer. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon of catch and release with a loved one, or an exercise in farm-to-table, your unique fishing experience starts here.

Our most popular Conservation Areas with fishing available are Binbrook and Chippawa Creek. Visit www.npca.ca/parks for more information. 

MNRF Fishing Regulations apply at our Conservation Areas. For more information, please visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/fishing or https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-fishing-regulations-summary

man setting up tent at NPCA campground


Build More than a Fire

You’ve waited for this all week. No TV, no computer, no responding to text messages or emails … it’s just you and your family taking care of the important things - telling stories, singing songs, eating s’mores and making memories. It’s time to disconnect from busy and reconnect with nature, and each other.

Conservation Areas with overnight camping available are Chippawa Creek and Long Beach. 

Man looks towards trees with binoculars.


Tweet, tweet, watch us here

Close your eyes and listen for it. The distinct chirp can often be heard before the beautiful feathered creature can be seen. Whether you are an active citizen scientist or a passive bird enthusiast, there are hundreds of species waiting to be discovered at NPCA’s parks.

Our most popular bird watching destination is Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. If you're lucky, you'll be able to witness the migration of several birds of prey. 

peaceful walk in NPCA park


Nature’s medicine for the soul

There is no better way to nourish the mind and body than to explore the numerous paths throughout our properties across the Niagara Peninsula watershed. Encounter diverse ecosystems and watch at how the symbiotic relationships between animals, vegetation and other key features work together to create the perfect atmosphere for recreational hiking.

A deer looking at the camera in the middle of a dark forest


At your local Conservation Area

Hunting is permitted at a number of NPCA conservation areas in order to help manage local wildlife populations and to provide recreational opportunities for hunters. 

Our properties offer prime habitat for turkey, white tailed deer, waterfowl, and other small game.

For more information or permit application, click here!

NPCA Hunting Opportunities Per Property

Geocaching with gps at NPCA


Hide and seek for all ages

The ultimate scavenger hunt is on! Technology meets nature in a unique way as you use your Global Positioning Services device to discover treasures in the natural environments of our parks. You never know what kind of neat nuggets you’ll unearth, just make sure you put it back for the next explorer!

Geocaching policies, guidelines.

Send your application.

couple walking trail in the fall with dog

Dog Walking

Exploring with Fido

They are more than your pet; they are your family, which is why we want to support building your fur memories by encouraging you to walk our beautiful trails. Let your fido explore the natural wonders with you, on a leash. We only ask that you make sure to follow our poop and scoop policy.

A couple at balls falls surroundeed by nature kissing against a rock


A picture is worth a thousand words

Explore the great outdoors and capture the essence and beauty of Mother Nature. The NPCA manages 42 conservation areas across the Niagara Peninsula, Hamilton and Haldimand, ready for their stories to be told. Find a complete list of areas near you at npca.ca/parks.

It is the policy of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to ensure that event and special occasion photography on Conservation Area property is managed responsibly and to ensure that this activity does not conflict with scheduled events on site. Further, the NPCA requires that photography is conducted in a manner that does not interfere with conservation efforts and the enjoyment of our Conservation Areas by our visitors.

For those wishing to have photos taken at Ball's Falls Conservation Area, a Photography Permit is required. This applies to all wedding, engagement, and family photo shoots. To obtain a permit, contact our Conservation Area Services Representative at weddings@npca.ca or 905-562-5235 ext 21.

Grist Mill at Ball's Falls

Cultural Heritage

If these walls could talk…

The Niagara Escarpment is responsible for creating stunning vistas and complex ecosystems full of lush life. Since the days of early settlement, people have been in awe of the unique landscape. The history of the land is as robust as the landscape and has been captured at many of our parks in the form of signage and guided tours. 

Visit the original 1800s Glen Elgin Village located at Ball's Falls Conservation Area. 

winter ski at NPCA

Cross Country Skiing

Glide into nature

The crisp crunch of snow underfoot as you glide through pristine scenery is the perfect way to spend a winter’s day. No rushing. No loud traffic. Just you, a pair of cross country skis and a beautiful natural environment.