Privacy Policy

The Canadian Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) was enacted to ensure the right to privacy for all Canadians. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority will ensure that our Privacy Protection Policy complies with the legislation by ensuring the proper collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information adheres to the requirements of PIPEDA.  

Questions regarding the policy or its administration should be directed to:

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority 250 Thorold Rd. West; 3rd Floor Welland, ON L3C 3W2 905-788-3135 ATTENTION: Michael Reles  

Privacy Policy

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority collects and uses your personal information pursuant to Section 29(2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information Act. 1991, and the personal information is collected under the legal authority of the Conservation Authorities Act R.S.O. 1990 as amended. Information collected is used solely for the purposes of responding to and processing requests for programs and services provided or mandated by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. Personal information is also required in order to process employment/volunteer/funding applications and issue payments or refunds. During its usual course of conducting business, Authority staff is required to communicate with clients through personal contact, on the telephone, online and through correspondence. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority's privacy policy protects the confidentiality of information obtained regarding all clients and/or potential clients.  

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority collects personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided and may include, but not be limited to:  

  • Name, Title, Gender, Age
  • Marital Status
  •  Home contact information
  •  Address
  •  Phone number
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact information
  • Identification number (i.e. credit card, social insurance, health, website cookies)
  • Credit card number and expiration date
  • Citizenship, Immigration status
  • Birth date
  • Personal health information
  • Language
  • Insurance Benefit Coverage
  • Religion
  • Education or Training
  • Occupation/profession
  • Income; Work hours
  • Criminal history; Disciplinary actions
  • Credit or loan status
  • Transaction History with the organization

Individual Profiles

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority collects personal and contact information (i.e. telephone number, email address, credit card information) when a request for service and/or information is received. In order to process some requests additional information may be necessary and will be collected to ensure the effective delivery of the requested service or to comply with provincial or federal legislation as required.   Credit card or other payment details are required internally to process payment for delivery of service. Birth dates may be required to receive special rates (e.g. senior, youth, child) Additional personal ID numbers (such as social insurance, driver's license etc.) may be needed to receive other benefits offered through the requested services of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.  

Legal Obligations

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority may be required by law to disclose certain personal information in cases of illegal activities or in order to resolve disputes that arise in the normal course of our business.  


The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority periodically provides opportunities to participate in contests. Information collected from participants is required to determine a winner and all personal information about identifiable individuals is discarded after the prize has been awarded.  

Computer and Website Information Management

Cookies: All Information management systems require cookies which can be used to track website usage or to test the effectiveness of targeted online campaigns. Statistics may be used for web site planning, development, maintenance, overall traffic monitoring. Cookies can be used to identify excessive or inappropriate users, tracked through IP addresses. Cookies are stored on your local hard drive and remain there until manually deleted. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority does not sell space on its web site to third parties or allow third parties access to user information. Spam: The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority does not send unsolicited email.  

Use of Personal Information

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority uses the personal information collected in order to process and complete requests for service. Financial transaction records are maintained for seven (7) years from date of transaction (six years full calendar years plus the year of the transaction) as required by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA). The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority does not sell or distribute any personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.  

Third Party Contractors

From time to time the Authority may provide your personal information to a third party contractor or consultant. Information will vary according to the type of consulting service or request needed. Because the Authority is acting as the inquiring agency during this process the Authority provides only the minimum information necessary to the third party contractor and does not provide any information for the purpose of gain. The Authority does not authorize the use of any information provided to the third party for any purpose other than for which it has been provided. The Authority has no control over the use of information provided to the third party for the purpose of completing the service request.  

General Promotion

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority periodically sends or distributes communication materials such as brochures, newsletters or notices which may be of public interest and to keep clients informed of our work and programs.  

Storage of Personal Information

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority pledges its commitment to protecting personal information. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority ensures appropriate physical, organizational and secure technical measures are in place to safeguard personal information and to protect it from unauthorized access. This includes limiting access of personal information to those employees who have a business reason to use it.  

Physical/Electronic Storage

All paper files are stored securely on the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority premises and shredded when discarded. Electronic data is backed up and stored in a secure facility as part of the Authority's Shared Services Agreement with the Regional Municipality of Niagara.  

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and its employees, and volunteers or contractors will maintain and protect all personal information under their control. The identifiable individual may review personal information electronically or in person at any time by making arrangements with the Privacy Officer or the General Manager. It may also be amended or deleted at any time.