Canopies for Kids

Canopies For KidsThe Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority is pleased to introduce Canopies for Kids, a new program aimed at planting shade trees in school grounds. The goal of Canopies for Kids is to engage young students and volunteers to learn through hands-on
involvement the benefits that trees provide, not only for a healthy environment, but also to recognize the important contribution trees make to our health.

The science-based program is adapted for grades 1 to 8 and meets the Life Systems Strand of the Ontario curriculum. The program will provide a deeper look at how trees improve biodiversity, water quality and air quality. Studies have shown that shade provided by trees can reduce asthma rates related to poor air quality, contribute to increased physical activity, mood improvement and promote psychological well-being. Students will learn about the benefits of trees and forests and how they help our ecological, economic and social environment.

The Canopies for Kids program is a progression of the highly successful Eco-School program which was executed across the watershed over the past 5 years. Schools selected to participate Canopies For Kids - Planting Treesin Canopies for Kids will be engaged through interactive school assemblies and workshops provided by NPCA program staff. Staff will work with the school teams on planning and site design incorporating both large and small native to Niagara tree species. The Conservation Authority is sending detailed program information to all schools. There is no cost to the participating schools and a maximum of 10 schools per year will be selected for participation. The program is expected to be executed over a multiyear time frame beginning in April 2011.