NPCA Conservation Awards

Conservation Authorities play an important role in protecting and restoring our environment.  They were established in the 1940’s to manage and care for the provinces’ natural resources on a watershed basis.  In the province of Ontario almost 90% of us live in a watershed managed by a Conservation Authority. Since land and water are connected and impact each other, the important role of Conservation Authorities is recognized worldwide as one of the best ways of protecting our resources and the public. We are fortunate to live in the Niagara Peninsula watershed with its abundance of natural land and water features. Enjoying these benefits of is important to all of us.  Dynamic lakes, forests and groundwater are important to sustaining a resilient and lasting economy and building strong communities such as our own. The Conservation Awards Ceremony was created with the intent of providing public recognition to those who are contributing in some way to conservation efforts in our watershed. Invitations for nominations are solicited through various venues including media releases, correspondence and our website. No limit has been established on the number of awards to be presented allowing for flexibility of recognition. The public are encouraged to submit nominations from their community. For a look at some conservation projects undertaken in the year of 2013 see the video below:


In addition to these awards, the Conservation Authority may select an individual, group and business to receive the Award of Merit. The Award of Merit is intended to "recognize a significant achievement or contribution by an individual, group, and business to improve and restore our local environment for the benefit of all watershed residents". This special award is presented at the discretion of Authority members. The Conservation Authority is undertaking several noteworthy restoration projects and the associated activities provide and encourage varied opportunities for community involvement. The number of volunteers assisting with projects is increasing considerably. The awards program is an excellent way for the Conservation Authority to publicly showcase the achievements of our nominees and promote the significant impact of their efforts.  

For more information about the achievement awards, please contact:

Kerry Royer
905-788-3135 x234