DND Agreement Clarification

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and the Department of National Defence
(DND) reached an agreement that sees the DND's Lincoln and Welland Regiment using
Chippawa Creek, Long Beach, Stevensville, Wainfleet Bog, and Willoughby Marsh
Conservation Areas to perform key foot-training exercises. Sites will be accessed at a single time
preapproved by NPCA. No training will take place during breeding seasons.

Part of NPCA’s mandate is to enhance the quality of life in our watershed by using lands for
recreation, heritage preservation, and conservation education. The tasks performed by DND on
NPCA properties are akin to recreation. Other recreational activities that take place at our
Conservation Areas include: hunting, wakeboarding, canoeing, festivals, camping, movie nights,
geocaching, fishing, hiking, scouts groups, astronomy clubs, orienteering, school groups (Brock,
Niagara College, school boards), various conversation club activities, cadets,
farming/agricultural use, etc.

The tasks DND perform are not invasive, and there is no heavy equipment, no live ammunition
or explosives, no tanks and no vehicles of any kind. NPCA would not, under any circumstance,
have entered into this formal agreement if there had been any indication in the past years that this
would have a negative impact on Conservation Area lands.

Training exercises that will take place at the properties include; patrolling, Offensive and
Defensive tasks, setting up of tactical hides and patrol bases, complex terrain exercises, and
limited use of blank ammunition (makes flash and an explosive sound but does not contain a

This is not a new arrangement; DND has used the aforementioned properties on a case-by-case
basis over the better part of a decade. The purpose of the agreement was to itemize several
properties at once over the next 14 months for administrative and operational efficiency for both

Any negative impact on the environment would have presented by now, and the NPCA would
not have moved forward. The NPCA Ecologist has vetted every location which DND uses or has
used, to perform their training. These sessions are for training in specific environments. NPCA
escarpment properties are not part of this agreement. There is a maximum of about 20 local
Regiment personnel allowed at a time on a single day, per occasion and

There is a consideration fee of $2, which binds the agreement. NPCA is proud to be part of the
valuable training experiences for the Canadian Armed Forces and local regiment. Whatever
small role we can play in ensuring our Military personnel enjoy success upon deployment and
come home safely, is a shared responsibility we embrace.

The NPCA shared this agreement for the first time in nearly a decade in the spirit of
transparency. We remain available to the people of the watershed to answer any questions

If there are any questions not answered in the above, please reach Krystle Caputo,
Communications Specialist, directly for comment at kcaputo@npca.ca.