World Wetlands Day- Friday, February 2, 2018

World Wetlands Day is this Friday! To celebrate, we've compiled a list of NPCA Conservation Areas containing wetlands, with public access and fantastic views. 

For the public to truly experience wetlands the best areas for are noted at the top. 

Best Areas to View Wetlands/ Public Access:

  • Binbrook (marsh)- near Tyneside Trail best / upper D.U.Weir best location to see
  • Wainfleet Bog – (bog)
  • Wainfleet Wetlands (marsh- east quarry) (swamp- woodlot)
  • Mud Lake- (marsh) around Mud lake (swamp) eastern portions of property
  • Ball’s Falls lower (marsh) near Culp Road; swamp along 20 Mile Creek near 7th Avenue
  • Ruigrok Tract- (swamp sloughs in woodlot)
  • Chippawa Creek- (marsh- along Dils Lake and Welland River) (swamp) southern woodlot
  • Willoughby Marsh- (swamp)- easily seen from Sauer Road in spring and fall
  • St.Johns- (swamp) lower portions of property
  • Long Beach- (swamp) north end of woodlot
  • Virgil – (swamp) – upper and lower portions of property best examples

Other Conservation Areas with Wetlands:

  • Smith-Ness- (swamp) woodlot, (marsh) along stream
  • Shriner’s Creek (marsh) along Shriner’s Creek
  • Stevensville (swamp) along Black Creek
  • Hedley Forest (swamp)- most southern portion of the property
  • Oswego Creek – (swamp) along Oswego Creek
  • E.C. Brown- (marsh) along Welland River
  • Humberstone Marsh (swamp)
  • Gainsborough (Swamp) sloughs in woodlot