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On behalf of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) Board of Directors and staff, I am pleased to share our 2020 Annual Report. Despite the unforeseen challenges presented by the pandemic, the NPCA maintained the energy and momentum towards organizational transformation, built trust with our stakeholders, and served our watershed communities with much needed greenspace.  

Some highlights I am proud to share with you:

  • Record attendance of over 78,000 paid admission visitors at our four flagship conservation areas (Ball’s Falls, Binbrook, Long Beach, Chippawa)
  • 900+ Annual Membership Passes sold
  • 69% increase of visitors across all properties over 2019
  • 46th Annual Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Virtual Festival with 31,000 online visitors
  • Planting of 49,000 trees and 2000 shrubs
  • 18 ha of land reforestation and 5 ha of wetland restoration
  • 1,247 planning and permit reviews
  • 3,704 hours of in-kind support by 243 dedicated volunteers and 50+ community groups
  • 1,177 media stories and 850,000 website views
  • 812 surface water samples collected for chemical analysis
  • Significant progress in the delivery of a seven-year Floodplain Mapping program

The NPCA is also excited to share that we are developing our first 10-year Strategic Plan. With the staff engaged early in the process, and both Board and public input now collected, we are looking forward to the release of a draft plan later this summer. This will be an impactful strategy that will shape our corporate Mission, Vision and Values, while providing meaningful direction for the organizations’ bright future.

Thanks to you all for your support of the NPCA.

Yours in conservation,

Chandra Sharma MCIP RPP
CAO & Secretary Treasurer
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority