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Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – July 2021

Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – July 16ᵗʰ, 2021
On Friday July 16th, 2021, the Board of Directors of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority 
(NPCA) held its regular monthly meeting electronically. Highlights from the meeting included:

Compliance and Enforcement 2021 Q2 Statistics

The  Board  of  Directors  was  provided  an  overview  of  activities  related  Compliance  and 
Enforcement within the NPCA jurisdiction during the second quarter of 2021.   Second quarter 
statistics  demonstrated a significant increase in demands on the compliance and enforcement 
service area. Thus far in 2021, NPCA Regulations staff reported that they had investigated 183 
complaints, already exceeding the total number of complaints investigated in 2019 and were set to 
surpass the 225 complaints received and investigated in 2020.

The Board directed that formal discussions with local municipal partners be requested to develop or 
enhance tools and communication resources in relation to issues that the NPCA cannot enforce such 
as the cutting of trees and/or the removal of vegetation on private property.

Director, Watershed Management and Section 28 Permit Signatory Delegation

The  Board  was  introduced  to  Leilani  Lee-Yates,  the  NPCA’s  new  Director  of  Watershed 
Management and subsequently designated her as an approved signatory for Section 28 work permits in 
compliance with Ontario Regulation 155/06: Regulation of Development, Interference with Wetlands 
and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses.

Term of Chair Position Resulting from Conservation Authorities Act Update

Pending discussions on Board size and composition with the partner municipalities, the Board of 
Directors approved a report to seek, as may be required, an exception from the province to  the 
term of the NPCA Chair and Vice Chair appointments for 2022 as required under newly enacted 
amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act.

Resolution on the Provision of Native Pollinator Habitat

The  Board  adopted  a  resolution  requesting  the  support  and  collaboration  of  conservation 
authorities and their partner municipalities across the Province of Ontario to include specialized 
native  plant  species  through  future  development  and  redevelopment  projects.  The  Board 
requested that the  governments of Ontario and Canada also adopt a plan of action for properties 
within their control to protect pollinators and plant native pollinator species.

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