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Board of Directors Meeting Highlights- May 2020

On Thursday, May 21, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority held its regularly monthly meeting electronically. Highlights from the meeting include:

The Board received a written presentation from Save Wainfleet - Keeping it Rural regarding concerns with a proposed Lakeshore Road development known as Lakewood Beach. The Board directed staff to investigate and report back to the June Board of Directors meeting.

Walker’s Creek and Beamer Creek (City of St. Catharines) Floodplain Mapping Update:
After a public information session held in March and significant public outreach, the Board approved revised floodplain mapping undertaken in conjunction with Stantec Inc. for Walker’s Creek and Beamer Creek within the City of St. Catharines.

Water Quality Monitoring Program Summary Report for the Year 2019:
The Board received the 2019 Water Quality Monitoring Report and directed staff to investigate and report back on the NPCA’s obligations for public health risk notification and for reporting on water quality issues.

Planning and Permitting Housekeeping Amendment:
The Board agreed to defer proposed policy changes applicable to new septic systems within 30 metres of wetlands pending the anticipated establishment of new regulations from the Province. The Board also directed that a review of all wetland policies occur in conjunction with the enactment of the provincial regulation.

Final Draft Client Service Standards for Plan and Permit Review:
The Board adopted a ‘Client Service Standards for Plan and Permit Review’ alongside a resolution asking staff to monitor the volume of inquiries to determine adequate level of staffing required to meet new standards. The Client Service Standards document is to be included in the proposed NPCA Procedure Manual. A new comprehensive fee policy aligned with the new Client Service Standards will be presented to the Board once the updated provincial regulation has been proclaimed. An interim fee update for 2021 will be presented for Board approval in Q4 2020 and the NPCA’s overall Client Service Delivery Charter will be updated to align with the approved Planning Standards to ensure exceptional customer service organization wide.

Report on Covid-19 Pandemic – Financial Impact and Recovery Planning:
The Board received a report from staff regarding the business continuity, operational response, recovery planning and financial impact of the current state of emergency resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Financial Approvals:
Scott Plugers from the firm of KPMG presented the NPCA’s 2019 Audited Financial Statements which were reviewed and subsequently approved by the Board.
The Board went on to approve a work plan for the Audit and Budget Committee along with changes to the Committee’s Terms of Reference which will be incorporated within upcoming revisions to the Administrative By-law. Amongst these, going forward, the Audit and Budget Committee will be known as the Finance Committee.

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