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Board of Directors Meeting Highlights – November 2020


On Thursday, November 19th, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) held its regular monthly meeting electronically. Highlights from the meeting included:

Code of Conduct Training

To coincide with the newly adopted Code of Conduct, Board Members undertook a two-hour in-camera training session offered by Susanne Craig, Municipal Integrity Commissioner.

2021 Conservation Area Rates

After an evaluation of inflationary pressures, a review of user demand and a comparison of other Conservation Authorities’ services and facilities, the Board directed that the current schedule of fees remain unchanged with the exception of camping rates. The Board approved a $1.00 increase for one-night camping and a 2% increase for seasonal camping commencing in 2021. Day use admission fees, membership passes, permits and education program fees remain the same for 2021 as in 2020.

Bill 229 Proposed Amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act

The Board held a lengthy discussion on Bill 229 and its implications for Conservation Authorities, culminating in correspondence to Premier Doug Ford requesting that the Government of Ontario remove the proposed Schedule 6 from Bill 229 and continue to work with Conservation Authorities on regulations proposed under previous Bill 108 in order to achieve desired improvements in the planning process. This correspondence was copied to the Auditor General, partner municipalities, and Conservation Ontario seeking their support and endorsement.

C.A.O. Evaluation

The Board approved a process for evaluation of its C.A.O. Secretary -Treasurer to be implemented beginning in December, 2020.

Financial Report – Q3 – 2020

The Board of Directors received its third quarter Financial Report for 2020 and approved the reallocation $534,000 of NPCA self-generated surplus to critical capital projects.

2021 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets

The Board approved its 2021 Draft Operating and Capital Budget figures for discussion with participating municipalities. This included a request in 2021 budget discussions with the Regional Municipality of Niagara for a contribution of $500,000 to replenish capital reserves along with discussion with municipal funding partners on the possibility of reinstating the Land Acquisition Reserve contributions.  The Board also directed that the list identifying unfunded pressures for 2021 be offered to partner municipalities in hopes of developing collaborative projects or identifying external funding for any future opportunities outside the 2021 budget. It was anticipated that the results of discussions with participating municipal staff would be brought back to the Finance Committee meeting during the first quarter of 2021.