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Board of Directors Meeting Highlights-December

Full Authority Board of Directors Meeting Highlights: December 18, 2019 


The Board recognized Honourary Board Member Dominic (Mickey) Difruscio for 25 years of service to the NPCA. Being his last meeting, Member Difruscio was presented with a plaque a framed photograph, a sign denoting his home as a stopping point on the  Monarch Butterfly migration route and a Lifetime Pass to the NPCA Conservation Areas.

The Board acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Chief Administrative Officer D. Gayle Wood in efforts to rebuild and take the Conservation Authority in a new direction. Ms. Wood noted that although retiring, she would remain as a Director of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation.  Ms. Wood was presented  with a framed print a Comfort Maple pen respectively by the Boards of the NPCA and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation.

Whistleblower Policy:

The Board adopted a Whistleblower Policy to protect and guide staff who report improprieties in the workplace.  Final approval of the policy was the culmination of several months of background research and discussion.

New Chief Administrative Officer

With the pending retirement of D. Gayle wood, the Board formally appointed Chandra Sharma as its new Chief Administrative Officer / Secretary – Treasurer.

Appointments to the PAC

The Board also appointed citizens to the Public advisory committee as follows:

  • Environmental sector: Jackie Oblak
  • Agriculture South sector: Joseph Schonberger
  • Landowner/Public-at-Large: Erika Furney
  • Tourism/Chamber of Commerce: Harry Korosis (2nd term)

Welland River Floodplain Mapping

The final meeting of 2019 also saw final approval and conclusion of the long-awaited Welland River Floodplain mapping project.

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