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PUTTING A CALL TO ACTION INTO ACTION: Niagara Climate Change Action Network holds inaugural meeting

The Niagara Climate Change Action Network held its inaugural meeting on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022, putting action to the call to action that was signed at the Niagara Climate Change Summit in June 2022 and launching a commitment to form partnerships, share critical data and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Niagara.

Four local organizations – Niagara Region, Brock University, Niagara College and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – worked together to establish the Niagara Climate Change Action Network. Over 50 individuals from educational institutions, environmental groups, Indigenous organizations, municipalities and businesses from sectors including energy, agriculture, development and engineering attended the kick-off meeting as members of the network.

The meeting provided an opportunity for participants to collaborate on the vision, focus areas and functions of the network. They also identified the need to act on three priority areas, including a Pathway to Net Zero – which includes the development of a Community Energy Plan – Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Biodiversity. The vision and focus areas will contribute to the strategic framework and direction of the Niagara Climate Change Action Network.

The Niagara Climate Change Action Network’s focus is on accelerating climate change action in Niagara by integrating the efforts of the Region, local area municipalities, local utilities, businesses, industries, educational institutions, Indigenous organizations, environmental groups and other interested parties working towards climate change action, energy performance and sustainable development while realizing positive economic, environmental, social, and cultural outcomes. 

Organizations interested in getting involved are encouraged to email or call Beatrice Perna, Climate Change Specialist, Niagara Region at 905-980-6000 ext. 3654.


"The creation of a Niagara Climate Change Action Network reinforces Niagara Region’s commitment to make changes and investments necessary to combat the effects of climate change before it’s too late. The network will be critical to paving a strategic path forward that will result in initiatives that can only be revealed when organizations work together to achieve a common goal. I’m proud of the work that was accomplished yesterday and am confident that this new network will yield positive results for future generations."
~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair, Niagara Region

"The impact of climate change can be seen both all around the world and right here in Niagara. The Niagara Climate Change Action Network is an important venue for community partners to come together and share research, develop strategies for mitigating and adapting to a changing climate, and help foster a strong, resilient local economy."
~ Lesley Rigg, Brock University President and Vice-Chancellor

"We look forward to working with our partners in the Niagara Climate Change Action Network to facilitate climate action and accelerate the local and global transition to a low carbon economy. Environmental sustainability is a strategic area of focus for Niagara College, and this partnership creates important learning opportunities for our students and supports our ongoing work to build a culture of sustainability at our college and in our community."
~ Sean Kennedy, Niagara College President

"It is imperative we work collectively to address the impacts of climate change which threaten our shared natural resources and communities. The NPCA is pleased to work with partners in accelerating regional, on-the-ground climate action."
~ Chair Robert Foster, NPCA Board of Directors

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