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The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has completed the acquisition of four parcels in Niagara and Haldimand. With these additional 37 hectares, the conservation authority is now at 30 per cent of its total target of 180 hectares by 2031. 

Each of the properties holds significant environmental value and contributes to NPCA’s conservation efforts and the natural heritage of the Niagara Peninsula watershed. 

The Fralick property at 333 Smithville Road in Canfield, located near Ruigrok Conservation Area, forms part of one of the largest natural areas in the watershed. It encompasses approximately 19 hectares of Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW), woodland and a Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). 

The Klassen property at 31 Quarry Road in Grimsby is adjacent to Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. This 6-hectare property safeguards important escarpment features and will provide greater access to greenspace and the scenic views of the Escarpment and Lake Ontario. 

The Ontario Power Generation property is an approximate 8-hectare parcel located on the South side of the Welland River, North of Rexinger Road in Niagara Falls. It boasts a PSW, Regionally Significant shoreline and woodlands and is home to several Species at Risk (SAR). 

Lastly, the Goertzen property at 3063 9th Street in Lincoln features close to 4 hectares integrating with Rockway Conservation Area. Also an ANSI with significant escarpment features, this parcel offers opportunities to enhance the user experience in this natural setting. 

The newly acquired properties will remain closed to the public until management plans are completed. These will ensure each conservation area is utilized appropriately while prioritizing environmental conservation, accessibility and user experience. 

These acquisitions align with NPCA's Land Securement Strategy launched in 2022, which provides tactical guidance for acquiring land. In late-February, NPCA announced its first land acquisition of the year, an 18-hectare parcel of land in Pelham. With an ambitious target of 180 hectares of new land by 2031, NPCA is now at 30 per cent of its goal which will help to increase biodiversity, habitat connectivity and natural cover. 

NPCA is grateful to the four landowners for their commitment to creating a natural legacy for future generations. The conservation authority continues to work towards conserving and enhancing the watershed’s valuable green spaces and encourages others in the community to support this important endeavour by engaging with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation. 

The acquisitions were made possible with funding from Niagara Region, Haldimand County, OPG and the Canada Nature Fund through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Conservation Ontario. NPCA is thankful to all supporters and partners for enabling this important work. 



“As stewards of the Niagara Peninsula watershed, NPCA remains steadfast in our commitment to conserve and enhance the natural environment for generations to come. In acquiring these four parcels, we have taken a monumental step forward and it is through collaboration with all levels of government and many valuable partners that we have already achieved 30% of our total goal. This is just the beginning and look forward to engaging more landowners in these conservation efforts.” 

John Metcalfe, Board Chair, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority 

“These landowners’ commitment to preserving their property in perpetuity by partnering with NPCA is inspirational. Through their generous actions, they are leaving a legacy that will forever benefit the community and the environment. We hope others will be inspired to consider ways they too can contribute to conservation – either through financial donations to Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation, or through gifts of land to NPCA.” 

Diana Huson, Board Chair, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation 


About NPCA: 

As a community-based natural resource management agency, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority envisions a healthy and vibrant natural environment with shared greenspace and clean water for all. 

NPCA’s work supports the conservation, enhancement and sustainability of healthy watersheds with programs and services that focus on drinking water source protection, flood and hazard management, endangered species protection, ecosystem restoration, community stewardship, education, and land management. 

NPCA is the caretaker of 41 conservation areas within the Niagara Peninsula watershed held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation and education. These natural and shared greenspaces marry nature, culture and adventure to create limitless opportunities for discovery. 

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About NPCF: 

Founded in 1969, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Foundation is a registered charity, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated to raising funds that aid in the conservation of our natural environment for present and future generations. 

When you donate to the NPCF, you help support conservation projects and programs that contribute to improving our water quality, increasing greenspaces, wetland and habitat restoration, and environmental research and education. 

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