St. Johns Conservation Area Enhancement Project

The NPCA is pleased to announce that the St. John’s Conservation Area parking lot and pedestrian trails are being upgraded to ensure safe and accessible enjoyment of this beautiful natural area.

  • The existing parking lot and driveway will receive a new drainage system and granular surface to provide for a smooth ride and entry into the conservation area. The parking lot will now feature six dedicated accessible parking spaces adjacent to the pond access trail.
  • A dedicated barrier-free asphalt parking area and reconstructed pedestrian trails and washroom sidewalks will improve access for visitors with mobility needs.
  • Additionally, an infiltration gallery constructed on the edge of the parking lot will direct storm runoff into the ground to help recharge local groundwater.
  • This work is anticipated to begin in mid-September. More information about this project will be released on NPCA channels and at npca.ca.

For more information on this project, please contact Adam Christie, Director, Conservation Areas at achristie@npca.ca.