Group of individuals posing with tree planting tools
Group of individuals posing with tree planting tools



NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. (June 27, 2018)–At a pollinator garden event held today at William Nassau Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) teamed up with approximately 50 Google DoubleClick employees to maintain a pollinator garden planted in 2013. NPCA and the Google team also planted additional pollinator gardens in support of NPCA’s three million plants initiative.

“So many of us work primarily indoors, so it is of particular importance that we remain conscientious in ensuring that we make time to experience the natural environment. We encourage organizations to make it a priority to allow their teams to re-engage with nature, and what better way to do that than in a way that also benefits the bees, butterflies, birds and more?” said Krystle Caputo, Communications Specialist, NPCA. “Our Community Engagement Manager, Renée Bisson, has done a tremendous job in pairing organizations with opportunities throughout our watershed. I would encourage you to reach out to her to determine how NPCA can partner with your organization.”

The two groups worked together to maintain the 2013 pollinator gardens and filled in gaps within the landscape to bolster the effectiveness of the newly planted pollinator space.

“Partnerships continue to be central to our conservation and enhancement efforts across the Niagara Peninsula watershed; they reinforce the idea we can’t do it alone. The health and resiliency of our watershed is a shared responsibility and to see a company like Google do their part is incredibly exciting”, said NPCA Board Chair Sandy Annunziata. “It demonstrates the significance of all partnerships, and no matter how big or small, the cumulative impact will be measurable and good for our planet.”

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About NPCA:

The NPCA manages the impact of human activities, urban growth, and rural activities on the Niagara Peninsula watershed , with programs and services that help keep people and their property safe from flooding and erosion, while retaining the safety of our drinking water.

NPCA manages 41 Conservation Areas, including Ball’s Falls, Binbrook, Long Beach and Chippawa Creek. These lands are held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation, and education. NPCA’s Conservation Areas marry nature, culture and adventure to create limitless opportunities for discovery.

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