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On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, and her team, for their efforts over these last 10 months.

The Auditor General provides an important independent lens on behalf of the residents of Ontario and her reports provide an important framework for organizations to move from good to great. I firmly believe any organization that is the recipient of public dollars should not be removed from the scrutiny of the Auditor General’s Office.

This Board has recognized areas for improvement and implemented several changes already inline with the recommendations in the Auditor General’s Report. We will continue moving forward by implementing any outstanding recommendations through our Strategic Plan 2018-2021. With only four percent of our budget coming from the Province, it is important that we work collaboratively with our Ministry partners and Conservation Ontario to ensure our 36 Conservation Authorities across the Province receive the funding they require to perform mandated responsibilities. That responsibility should not rest solely with local residents who continue to provide 71% of the funding through Municipal levies.

While the Auditor General’s report identifies areas for improvement at the NPCA between 2008-2017, her recommendations provide a template for all Conservation Authorities moving forward. We will continue working with our Ministry, Conservation Ontario and our Municipal Partners in order to achieve the objectives outlined in the report, while also recognizing the importance of maintaining flexibility, and tailoring our programs and services to reflect local needs and priorities. The Board unanimously invited the Auditor General into the NPCA and we are grateful for her work and professionalism. The full report will be received by the Board at its next Full Board Meeting.