Photo of historical church at Ball's Falls
Photo of historical church at Ball's Falls



In the spring of 2018, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) was pleased to welcome Star Trek Discovery’s film crew to one of its 42 Conservation Areas— Ball’s Falls.

The crew chose Ball’s Falls as the ideal setting for Season Two of the series, and the newly discovered ‘New Eden’— a distant planet inhabited by a colony of pre-warp humans living in blissful harmony.

“Ball’s Falls offers a unique and authentic village setting as it was once home to the Ball family, who were United Empire Loyalists and entrepreneurs,” says Alicia Powell, Acting Manager of Strategic Initiatives at NPCA. “With seven original buildings from the 1800s on site, we are often sought out by crews with similar projects, who are looking for authenticity.”

In addition to Star Trek Discovery, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area has also appeared in various other TV shows and films, including but not limited to:

  • Murdoch Mysteries;
  • The Story of Us, CBC; and
  • TVO Dino Dana.

Star Trek Discovery is set roughly a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series and follows the USS Discovery as they explore new worlds and lifeforms and aim to understand all things alien. Be sure to watch the new season to catch a glimpse of Ball’s Falls Conservation Area.

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About NPCA:

The NPCA manages the impact of human activities, urban growth, and rural activities on the Niagara Peninsula watershed with programs and services that help keep people and their property safe from flooding and erosion, while retaining the safety of our drinking water.

NPCA manages 42 Conservation Areas, including Ball’s Falls, Binbrook, Long Beach and Chippawa Creek. These lands are held in public trust for recreation, heritage preservation, conservation, and education. NPCA’s Conservation Areas marry nature, culture and adventure to create limitless opportunities for discovery.

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