Strategic Plan 2014-2017

2017 Strategic Plan Review Results



In 2011 the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority embarked on the process of developing a Strategic Plan to guide the organization into the future. Todd MacDonald of Performance Concepts was engaged to carry out the work following an RFP.

A committee of the Board was formed and worked with Mr. MacDonald in the early phase to engage stakeholders in order to gain an understanding of how the NPCA was viewed through internal and external consultation processes.

In the fall a number of public consultation sessions were held which were well attended by various members of the public. These consultation opportunities with the development industry, the agricultural sector, dedicated environmentalists, and especially the general public, were incredibly important to the NPCA Board and senior staff. Valuable insights were gained about our strengths, our weaknesses and the necessary “change” pathway going forward. It is understood that carefully considered change is necessary.

The NPCA has turned inwards and taken a hard look at its operations, policy framework and future priorities. A number of internal process and staff changes have been made in an effort to meet customer needs and deliver balanced regulatory services that recognize conservation and economic progress can co-exist.

Moving forward, the next phase of the Strategic Planning process will involve a more in-depth evaluation of the NPCA’s lines of business with a focus on identifying opportunities for performance improvements. This part of the process will look at operations incorporating 5 basic themes which comprise the basis of the NPCA’s operations.

With these themes in mind, working Groups consisting of a balanced cross-section of watershed stakeholders, technical experts and the general public have been formed to access the five performance improvement themes identified above. Members of the NPCA Board Sub-Committee on Strategic Planning will Chair these five Working Groups. These Working Groups will generate meaningful discussions and recommend the necessary changes needed to create significant performance improvement opportunities for the NPCA. The result will be a refocused, re-energized “new” NPCA that is aligned with the conservation and economic priorities of the public, key stakeholders, and the Board.

Download the Final NPCA Strategic Plan (April, 2014)

Download the Final Draft NPCA Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Directors (March, 2014)

Download the Final Draft NPCA Strategic Plan for Board Approval (February, 2014)

Download the Third Draft NPCA Strategic Plan 2013 (December, 2013)

If you wish to make any comments regarding the DRAFT Strategic Plan please email: Michael Reles


Governance and Accountability Working Group, chaired by Brian Baty

This group will set criteria for measuring the success of business operations, including an accountability dashboard and report card. They will redesign the budget process in order to reward successful results-based performance. These individuals will also help implement programs to help encourage and preserve public use of lands in order to increase revenues used to maintain park facility assets. The following people have been invited to comprise the Governance and Accountability Working Group:

Steve Hardaker
Kevin Graham
Bryan Boles

Effective Communication with Stakeholders and Public, chaired by April Jeffs

This group will engage major stakeholders from throughout the community in order to address customer and community concerns. They will review the layout of the administrative facilities and make recommendations pertaining to operational efficiency. These individuals will also conduct a 3rd party review of communications and investigate the applicability of online social media to improve NPCA profile. The following people have been invited to comprise the Effective Communication with Stakeholders and Public:

Mark Hardwick
Doug Draper
Peter Conradi
 Klara Young-Chin

Effective NPCA Model to Set Policy & Establish Priorities, chaired by Bruce Timms

This group will execute a detailed Board policy review exercise to ensure policy frameworks reflect perspectives on conservation/economic development. These individuals will also conduct brainstorming workshops to develop organizational processes. The following people have been invited to comprise the Effective NPCA Model to Set Policy and Establish Priorities Working Group:

Ron Tripp
George Lepp
Mark Neufeld
Martin Heikoop
Lisa Campbell
Ed Lustig
Frank Scremin
Austin Kirkby
Mary Lou Tanner

Improving Development Process Performance, chaired by Carmen D’Angelo

This group will conduct a 3rd party evidence based business process re-engineering review of the NPCA development and permit approvals process. These individuals will also conduct an organizational structure review in order assess resource adequacy and service delivery. The following people have been invited to comprise the Improving Development Process Performance Working Group:

Peter Graham
Jonathan Whyte
Mario D’Uva
Ken Gonyou
Kathleen Dale
Peter Colisimo
Barry Myler
Richard F. Brady

NPCA Assets and Asset Management, chaired by Bart Maves

This group will review NPCA land acquisition policies and strategies in order to balance life-cycle responsibilities with the capital budget process. These individuals will implement a best practices review of land program delivery model and processes. The following people have been invited to comprise the NPCA Assets and Asset Management Working Group:

Len Pennachetti
Rainer Hummel
Mark Green
Victor F. Muratori
Ken Todd