Orange banner, with lit candle and shoes- Honouring Indigenous children who were lost to the Residential School System



The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) grieves with Indigenous peoples and communities across the country on the tragic loss of so many children to the Residential School System. We acknowledge that with this difficult history comes the responsibility to honour those who were lost, and to strive to better understand how we can support affected communities.

The NPCA stands committed to improving our relationships with Indigenous peoples, and working with them to ensure an equitable and meaningful future for all. 

The NPCA pledges the following actions;

  • Addressing diversity and inclusivity in our workplace policies, and ensuring the Indigenous community has a voice in decision making through representation on the NPCA Public Advisory Committee will continue to be a priority.
  • Affirmed commitment to meaningful engagement with Indigenous peoples. The NPCA will continue to advance this through the development of engagement guidelines for shared stewardship through the 2021-2031 Strategic Plan and day-to-day actions.
  • Commitment to providing training to our staff to better understand Indigenous culture, their history, and the impact they have had on our current lives and shared watershed lands.