Photo of cross vane constructed at Two Mile Creek Conservation Area in 2022



The NPCA restoration team will install one cross vane in Two Mile Creek to improve the creek's overall health and habitat from August 21-23, 2023.

Why: Cross vanes use natural materials (downed trees and stone) to focus the creek's energy into existing pools within the creek that have started to fill up with sediment. The sediment typically comes from upstream sources of erosion. By focusing the creek's energy, the cross vanes work to reduce soil erosion on the creek banks and scour out sediment deposits within the creek. The sediment reduction will help provide a better habitat for fish and insects in Two Mile Creek.

In 2022, staff planned on installing two cross vanes but had to modify plans and opted to construct only one. They will return to add some more stone to the first and construct the second cross vane.

Who: Staff from the NPCA Restoration team will be on site completing this project.

When: The project is scheduled to take from Monday, August 21 to Wednesday, August 23, with most of the work being completed on Tuesday, August 22. The project is taking place outside of MNRF fish timing restrictions to protect native fish populations.

Where: The project will occur adjacent to and in Two Mile Creek north of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake path that connects Butler St. to Colonel Butler Crescent.

Upcoming: This fall, restoration staff will return for additional plantings in the Two Mile Creek riparian area. These plantings will work to hold the creek banks together, provide habitat and eventually cool the creek.

Questions on this project can be directed to:
Erika Navarro
Communications Specialist