New NPCA logo in the middle, photo of Balls Falls Centre upper falls in background



The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s (NPCA) Board-approved updated brand guidelines is just one more sign that the organization has turned the page and is moving forward with its next-generation conservation work.

As part of a comprehensive organizational renewal, NPCA has developed a new logo and wordmark to better represent its core values and mandate, as well as the communities that it represents and serves.

The redesigned NPCA Tulip tree leaf logo is composed of three different colours representing the three upper-tier municipalities that make up the Niagara Peninsula watershed: Haldimand, Hamilton and Niagara. The three distinct sections of the logo also suggest connections to the past, present and future. The steep drop off on the right represents the escarpment, which is a unique feature of the Niagara Peninsula watershed, and water is represented with blue text and the water droplet found on the left side of the icon. The new logo’s boundary lines represent waterways and watercourse pathways, as well as recreational hiking trails and the two Great Lakes the watershed drains into. Lastly, the “nature for all” wordmark is a graphic representation of NPCA’s vision for the next 10 years as laid out in our 2021-31 Strategic Plan.

When it comes to any rebranding exercise, the logo is often the most identifiable component of any brand’s public-facing image. However, the NPCA logo refresh is just one element of a much larger rebranding and organizational update, intended to best support our work to conserve and create healthy and climate resilient watersheds, to support sustainable growth, and to connect people to nature.

Our passionate, professional and hard-working staff are at the very core of our pursuit to shape the next 10 years of conservation across the Niagara Peninsula watershed. The new logo is intended to showcase our team’s unified voice and public commitment to conserve nature with a forward-looking vision of shared greenspaces and clean water for all.

Please stay tuned as we incrementally roll out these exciting changes as part of our new and reinvigorated mission.