Stream Flow Monitoring

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority monitors stream flow, rainfall and other meteorological information at locations across the watershed. The information is transmitted from each station to the NPCA’s Head Office in Welland, Ontario, in near-real time where it is monitored and analyzed. The data gives us an up to date picture of the conditions within the watershed and allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the fluxes and behavior of the systems.

You can access our monitoring data using the reports and charts below.


Station Information

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radar map
NEXRAD Accumulated Rain Estimates


NOAA Great Lakes Operational Forecast Systems:

Lake Erie
Lake Ontario


3 Day Water Level Graphs

Welland River at

Binbrook - Hamilton
Southbrook Golf Course - Hamilton
Caistors Corners - West Lincoln
Wellandport - West Lincoln
EC Brown (O'Reillys Bridge) - Precipitation & Water Level
EC Brown (O'Reillys Bridge) - Flow & Water Level 
Old Siphon West - Welland Riverbank Park
Old Siphon East - Welland Water Treatment Plant

Welland River Tributaries:

Oswego Creek - Haldimand
Big Forks Creek - Wainfleet

20 Mile Creek at

Woodburn Rd. - Hamilton
Smithville - West Lincoln
Ball's Falls - Lincoln

20 Mile Creek Tributaries:

North Creek - Smithville

12 Mile Creek at

Effingham Branch - Thorold
Decew Power Glen - Thorold


Black Creek - Fort Erie
Niagara River at International Railway - Fort Erie
Four Mile Creek - Niagara-on-the-Lake
Walkers Creek - St. Catharines


Lake Erie at Port Colborne
Lake Ontario at Port Weller


Precipitation Gauges

Crystal Beach Waste Water Treatment Plant - Fort Erie
Niagara Falls Water Treatment Plant
Kalar Road - Niagara Falls
Port Dalhousie Waste Water Treatment Plant - St. Catharines
Seaway Waste Water Treatment Plant - Port Colborne
Welland Waste Water Treatment Plant
Lincoln Town Hall
Hamilton International Airport
Ruigrok Conservation Area - Haldimand
Long Beach Conservation Area - Wainfleet


Tabular Reports

Custom Reports

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Cumulative Precipitation Totals  

Looking for more data? The NPCA also publishes water quantity and quality data through our CUAHSI-HIS Hydroserver. The HydroServer is part of the Authority's developing Hydrologic Information System (HIS), providing publication, discovery and access to its hydrologic data through CUAHSI web services, and includes GIS water resources data. Visit for more information and data access.