Water Quality Improvement Grant Program (WQIGP)

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – 2018

Water Quality Improvement Grant Program

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The mandate of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA), as prescribed by the Conservation Authorities Act is;

  • To establish and undertake programs and services, on a watershed basis, to further the conservation, restoration, development, and management of natural resources, and;
  • As prescribed by provincial regulations, to protect people and property by regulating, and risk-mitigating development through reviewing and commenting on applications, issuing permits, and ensuring policy compliance within the appropriate legislative and regulatory framework.

According to the 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Program Report, for surface water, the biological and chemical monitoring results indicate that most of the Niagara Peninsula’s watersheds have poor or impaired water quality.

The implementation of a variety of Best Management Practices, including the establishment of riparian buffers, restoration of wetlands and upland forest, improvements to manure and wastewater storage facilities, erosion/sediment control and various agricultural projects can help to reduce nutrient levels in watercourses such as total phosphorus (TP). TP has been identified to be a significant contributor to the impairment of water quality within the Niagara Peninsula watershed.

Decreasing total phosphorus concentrations at several Welland River tributaries are now being observed with the NPCA’s long-term data. Beaver Creek and Mill Creek watersheds had been targeted by the NPCA’s former Water Quality Improvement Program over the last twenty years to reduce non-point pollution such as nutrients and sediment. These data provide some evidence that a comprehensive Water Quality Improvement Program can reduce nutrient runoff.

The NPCA’s Water Quality Improvement Grant Program (WQIGP) is responsible for improving water quality, water quantity and habitat within the NPCA watershed. The program provides partner organizations with financial support to implement restoration projects that include good land management practices on properties throughout the Niagara Peninsula watershed.

Please direct all questions and comments related to the above to:

Stuart McPherson
Restoration Grants Coordinator
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